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Meet Our luminaries

Our journey started with incredible leaders, grounded in our collective mission to empower women to confidently find and amplify their voices. This powerFULL group of women curate and lead workshops, classes, conversations, circles and events. These subject matter experts are here to engage and guide reVolutionaries (our members) on their juicy journeys.

Ash Miller

Founding Visionary

Owner - Vivacious Self
Accessibility Advocate
Disabled & Thriving
✨Queer Babes Circle Lead ✨ California, USA

Juicy reVolution Luminary Rocky leads writing workshops and Big V Energy Church

Rocky Los

Founding Visionary

Head Pussy Priestess, Big V Energy
✨ JoyFULL Living Aficionado✨
Quantum Physicist, Author
Vision Writing Circle Lead
London, United Kingdom

Dr. Moxy Amor

Founding Visionary

Doctor of Physical Therapy & Pelvic Health ✨ Sex Educator, Audacious Pleasure Cultivator
✨ Pleasure & Play Circle Lead ✨
Connecticut, USA

Juicy reVolution Founding Visionary Donna aka Miss Bliss

Donna "Miss Bliss" Mulcahy

Founding Visionary

Transformational Life Coach
Yoga, Chakra & Reiki Master
✨Published Poet, Artist✨
Atlanta / New York, USA

Juicy reVolution Founding Visionary- Robin Wilner, Holistic Women's Health Expert

Robin Wilner, MS

Founding Visionary

Holistic Women's Health Expert
Certified Nutritionist & Wellness Coach ✨ Master Yoga Instructor✨
Former Broadway Performer
California / New York, USA

Roula Roulette

Founding Visionary

Co-owner, Atlanta School of Burlesque✨ Plus Size, Queer & Body Positivity Advocate✨
Head Priestess, Titty Church (tm) Atlanta, USA

Juicy reVolution Founding Visionary Mandy Sunshine

Mandy "Sunshine" Kimura

Founding Luminary

Hype Queen with Magical Vibes
Writer, Artist, Entrepreneur
✨Magical Mondays Lead✨
Seattle, USA / Nomadic

Marina LoCa

Founding Luminary

That Bitch✨Head Witch
Burlesque Movement & Confidence Instructor, Siren Studios
✨ Witchy Shit Circle Lead ✨
Chicago, USA

Juicy reVolution Founding Visionary Jessica Soares leads Pleasure & Play Circles

Jessica Soares

Founding Luminary

Owner - The Holy Hedonist
Embodiment & Pleasure Coach- workshops and retreats
✨Pleasure & Play Circle Lead✨ Mazunte, Mexico / New York, USA

Nia "Charliecakessss" Chordea

Founding Luminary

Owner- Chordea Production Studios✨ Erotic Empath Therapist
Dancer, Author & Entrepreneur✨
Maryland / Atlanta, USA

Katrina Kniznek - Modern Maenad - Tantra Yoga Instructor - Sacred Sensuality Coach - Sex Educator & Therapist - PNW, USA

Katrina Knizek

Founding Luminary

Modern Maenad - Tantra Yoga Instructor - Sacred Sensuality Coach ✨Sex Educator & Therapist✨

Mary Veal

Founding Luminary

Master Yoga Instructor
International Yoga Retreats
✨Head Priestess, Spirituality✨
Florida, USA

Shannon Gomez - Intuitive, Psychic, Medium, Creator of Rebel Deck Oracle Cards

Shannon Gomez

Founding Luminary

Intuitive 🔮 Medium 🔮 Pyschic
Creator of Rebel Deck Oracle Cards
Masters in Oriental Medicine
Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist
Arizona, USA

Juicy reVolution Founding Visionary Maja

Maja Magnusson

Founding Luminary

Breathwork Magic Coach
Meditation Master
✨Magical Monday's Lead✨
California, USA

Juicy reVolution Founding Visionary Dayenne

Dayenne Neroli

Founding Luminary

Summoning the Seductress & the Dark Muse- Retreats and Classes
✨Movement Master - Burlesque, Belly Dance✨
The Netherlands

Juicy reVolution Founding Visionary Robin Humprheys

Robin Humphreys

Founding Luminary

Owner✨Phoenix Heart Healing Transformational Energy Expert Georgia, USA

Juicy reVolution Founding Visionary Jeni Moon Spirit Apothecary

Jeni Meadows

Founding Luminary

Owner 🔮 Moon Spirit Apothecary
✨Witchy Shit Circle Lead✨
Arizona, USA

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Meet the juicy reVolution Visionary Business Team

an all female owned and operated collective

Robin Montri

Robin "Juicy" Montri

Founding Visionary

Founder - juicy reVolution
Juicy Experiences: reTreats & events
Writer & Dream Architect
Fortune 500 Executive
Atlanta / Michigan, USA
CCO (Chief Connections Officer)

Juicy reVolution Founding Visionary Sima Kaye

Sima Kaye

Founding Visionary

Behind the Scenes Queen
🌊Nature Lover🌊
A Florida Woman
Director, Operations & Brand Management

Juicy ReVolution - Founder Member - Heidi McIvor Allen

Heidi McIvor-Allen

Founding Visionary

Owner, McIvor Marketing
Change One Thing, Change EVERYTHING
✨BOSS Power Hour Lead✨
Phoenix / Atlanta / Michigan
CMO (Marketing)

Simona Kuisper - Juicy ReVolution - FounderMembers 480x480

Simona Kuipers

Founding Visionary

Fit Finances Expert
💸Business Coach💸
BOSS Babes Circle Lead
Alberta, Canada / Atlanta, USA
CFO (Financial & Biz Strategy)

Juicy reVolution Founding Visionary Meagan Cohen

Meaghan Cohen

Founding Visionary

Brand Partnerships & Sponsorships
International Solo Travel Expert
Kansas, USA / Nomadic
Director, Operations & Legal

Juicy reVolution Luminaries Debra

Debra Bernard

Founding Visionary

Global Sponsorships & Philanthropy Partnerships
Liberia, Africa / Atlanta, USA
Director, Global Philanthropy

Founding Luminary Intern Makena Fosdick

Makena Fosdick

Founding Visionary

College Intern
Campus Living Outreach
Musical Theatre Major
Georgia / Florida, USA