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Fortune 500 senior executive, storytelling activist, and women’s empowerment ninja on a mission to ignite women to reclaim their bodies, confidently amplify their voices, and flex their bigVenergy™.

what's her story?

corporate executive

Graduating from one of the top journalism schools in the US, “Juicy” Robin moved from Michigan to Atlanta, GA post-graduation after being recruited to work for an international honor society. At 22, she began traveling the globe, meeting with top students, faculty, and administrators at universities around the world.

She went on to build a successful career as a corporate communications executive, leading teams and developing brand narratives for countless Fortune 500 companies as a writer, event planner, international speaker and workshop presenter. As one of LinkedIn’s top female voices and influencers, she was a voice behind many “Top Place to Work” accolades.

In addition to her corporate work, Robin was a reporter, blogger, and freelance writer, placing a sexy spin on sustainability and the local/organic food movement with the column “A Slice of the Green Life”, featured in Atlanta magazines, AOL, Atlanta Journal & Constitution, and CNN.

hello leap of faith, let's jump!

Two weeks before Covid hit the US, she said goodbye to corporate life to follow her inner voice, a much juicier voice, than that of “corporate Robin”. Her plan- to write a book about a single mom who brazenly walks away from her corporate career to become a burlesque dancer. 

Soon thereafter, an article she wrote about the JLo/Shakira Superbowl performance went viral, and she was contacted by The Taboo Project to participate in a photo shoot bringing attention to gender inequalities. #accidentalmodel

Through her body reclamation journey, she began collaborating on body positivity projects with international photographers and artists as an advocate and activist for body and age diversity.

Robin founded the #321GO International Women’s Herstory Month movement, encouraging us all to band together and speak out against censorship of women’s and marginalized bodies in mainstream media.

Student and brand ambassador for the Atlanta School of Burlesque at Metropolitan Studios, she’s graced local stages performing, stage managing, emceeing, and producing A Juicy Evening and the Bacon Brunch Burlesque series.

Additionally, she hosts women’s empowerment experiences – Juicy reTreats and is the host of Juicy Conversations – juicy topics you want to talk about, but are afraid to ask.

And, in the evolving process of reclaiming her mind, body, voice and spirit after decades in the corporate world, the juicy reVolution brand unearthed and was born.

deep roots

Daughter of a sports reporter and a steel mill worker, Robin grew up as a ‘tomboy’ on a dirt road in rural southeast Michigan in farm country. She played every sport under the sun, eventually focusing her talents on the volleyball court. Still a competitive beach player, she’s often found on the courts with her daughters, who also play the sport competitively.

A cancer survivor, Robin is also a passionate volunteer fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and has participated in the Iron Girl Triathlon, San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon, Grand Canyon 3-day 30-mile adventure, Yosemite and Rocky Mountain National Park hikes to raise money for cancer research.

She is a decade-long full-time single mom and the love of her own abundant joy-based life.

Active in the local and organic food movement, Robin and her daughters run Sunshine Farm and The Chi Spot, an urban organic micro-farm and communal experience space where magic blooms and grows. Chickens and three rescue animals (they rescued her) – Molly McMutt, Blaze the Beagle, and Bowie (AKA Mr. Meowgi) run free, as does everyone else who enters.

And yes, she’s still writing that book.










juicy books in the works

My Juicy Life - nonfiction, memoir

My Juicy Life is the story of the life-changing journey of a senior executive who steps away from her lifelong corporate career of Fortune 500 pressures, travel, meetings and a six figure + income to become a burlesque dancer and winterize her vagina in a quest to find the love of her life (spoiler alert- she was right in front of her the whole time).

Through the process, the former corporate leader turned storytelling activist and women’s empowerment ninja reclaims her voice, body, mind and spirit. 

Soaked in themes of body, age, and sex positivity, the full-time single mom of two teenage girls navigates her way through quarantine, now jobless, having quit her gig leading the communications team at a major financial company two weeks prior to Covid hitting the US.

With nothing now but time on her hands, she spirals into a corporate and personal detox, facing and embracing her role as a trauma trifecta survivor – depression, cancer, and domestic violence.

In sharing her own paralleling dark, debaucherous, joyful and insightful life stories, the book leads and empowers readers through the process of: Uncovering to Discover, Reimagining Possibilities and Reclaiming Yourself, with an accompanying Juicy Journal ™.

what's percolating...

My Juicy Garden (Non-Fiction):
A combo gardening, urban homesteading/gardening and cookbook with sexual connotations and analogies galore. Sustainable living made sexy.

The Hoe’ Bible (Non-Fiction): At 15, in an attempt to find life’s meaning and direction, I read THE whole Bible.  The Hoe’ Bible is the book I wish I would’ve read at 15.

Untitled (TV Series):
Five females find fortuitous friendship in Little Five. Think Golden Girls meets the OG Sex in the City crew, Atlanta style.

Untitled (Children’s’ Book Series):
The adventures of an unlikely pair – meet canines Chomp Chomp and Sprinkles… and their human friends Joy, Raine and Lucky, the boy that thinks he’s a spiritual superhero (and, maybe actually is).

seeking female representation and publishing agency

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