The juicy

The juicy reVolution is a global women's empowerment movement and lifestyle brand. Our mission is to joyfully inspire and empower women to find and confidently amplify their voices. Collectively, we cultivate and flex our BIG V Energy™!


Juicy Experiences: reTreats, events, collaborations, and partnerships

A private members-only community called The V – an expansive global collective of women with unlimited opportunities to network, partner, create, and collab!

BIG V Energymerch created by and for reVolutionary women


The V is our magical, expansive, and private members-only community. We are a global collective of women amplifying each other’s voices. We expand our power by promoting and supporting abundance for all.

Launched in early 2022 with 80 founding reVolutionaries, we open The V a couple of times a year to welcome new reVolutionaries into the community.

Dozens of Luminaries (content leaders) lead live classes, conversations, and workshops which are then recorded and uploaded to our Juicy Library (100’s of hours of expansive content!) We explore a broad range of topics to enliven, embolden and empower you to uncover and unapologetically unleash your BIG V Energy™!

Pleasure & Play
Health & Healing
Witchy Shit
BOSS Power Hour
Queer Babes Circle
Juicy Book Club
Titty Church
Vision Writing
and more!

Meet some of the members - Juicy reVolution
And, we’re here to welcome ALL women – Cis, intersex and trans into our dynamic, global community of women cultivating our BIG V Energy™!


  • We are Fortune 500 corporate executives, sex workers, business owners, stay-at-home mothers, doctors, artists, healers, creators, writers, students, and retirees.


  • We are married, single, non-monogamous, divorced, poly, and widowed. We are queer, straight, bi, non-binary, and asexual.
  • We are Black, Asian, White, Indigenous, Hispanic, Latina, Pacific Islander… and live all over the globe, some nomadically.


  • We are a body-positive/capable community filled with women sexy at all sizes and abilities, honoring our ever-changing temple, at all life stages.
  • We are gloriously and unapologetically on a continual (and often messy) journey of exploration, growth, and healing.


  • And, although we are a community where age is not emphasized, we range from 18-88, where all voices have equal levels of respect and space.

Most of all - we're all here to launch a mother of a fucking reVolution

Our Founding reVolutionaries

Our Spirited Beginnings

The reVolution was founded by a group of 80 women from around the globe in January 2022.

The founding vision: to co-create an expansive space for a collective of *many* voices to be amplified – a space of unlimited abundance where competition simply does not exist – where there’s room for all to play big and succeed.  

A reVolutionary home where, through collaboration and supportive partnerships, we all lift each other as we climb.

Expansive, juicy spaces where:

Where collectively, we encourage, uplift, and support each other to explore, learn and grow to next levels and beyond.

Launching a reVolution within YOU

What our reVolutionaries are saying

Your questions, our answers

Have questions about the juicy reVolution? Peep our frequently asked questions here!


  • Many leaders (vs. one “main” leader); a collective of many diverse voices
  • A private Facebook/LinkedIn- like on-line members only community (NDA protected)
  • A Member Services and Products Directory – public facing on our website to advertise our member’s services, with discounts offered only to reVolutionary members
  • Infinite topic areas to explore (our members drive our content)
  • Opportunities for growth and mentorship
  • Women only, membership by invitation
  • The Juicy Zoom Room is open 24/7  (Live content, recorded and uploaded to our members only Juicy Content Library)
  • 100’s of hours of recorded master classes in our Juicy Content Library
  • We also have IRL meet-ups in key cities! And, reVolutionaries travel to meet each other all the time.
  • Philanthropic cornerstone – a team of reVolutionaries select global organizations for the collective to support (focus on women’s growth)
  • We are not bound by age in this community; all reVolutionaries are considered ageless
  • We are open to ALL women – cis, intersex and trans

Great question! The V (our private community) opens a couple times a year to welcome new reVolutionaries (members). Join the waiting list to be among the first to receive an invitation to join.

When The V is open, click on the JOIN NOW buttons on the membership page, and the prompts will lead you.

Yes! The V is our private Facebook/LinkedIn-like members only community

Come inside The V to:

  • create your personalized profile!
  • view the monthly content calendar 
  • attend exclusive reVolutionary events, workshops, classes, coversations and celebrations in the Juicy Zoom Room
  • gain access to the Juicy Content Library – hundreds of hours of our juicy recordings – workshops, classes, conversations and events!
  • receive exclusive reVolutionary discounts on member products and services
  • list your business, service, product or offering on our public facing directory – help to grow your brand and amplify your voice!
  • receive exclusive invites to IRL Juicy Experiences
  • reVolutionaries can search & interact with each other, network and build community

*The V is NDA protected for the safety of our members

The reVolution is open to all women ages 18+, globally. Cis, intersex, and trans women are welcome. All races, religions, ethnicities, social/economic status and sexual orientations welcome.

Circles form to explore, grow, and support reVolutionaries in specific areas of interest. Circles grow organically and are focused on a central topic.

Circle leaders (Luminaries) plan and lead monthly content at The Vibe (our weekly member meet-up) where ALL reVolutionaries have the opportunity to lead content.

reVolutionaries can participate in as many circles as they’d like.

Current Circles include: Pleasure & Play, Queer Babes, BOSS Power (business), Witchy Shit, Health & Healing, Vision Writers, and the Juicy Book Club.

Future ideas for Circles include: Juicy Mamas and Fat and Fucking Fabulous

Absolutely not! Just like membership at a gym, you only go to the classes you wanted to go to when you wanted to go. The live interaction is there for you, if you choose and all content is recorded and uploaded to a private, members-only Juicy Channel that exists in The V.

YES! What a great gift! 

To sponsor a member, please utilize their name & email address when signing up. If you have questions about this process, please reach out to juicy@juicyrevolution.com.

All members of The V are invited to list their business, services and products in our exclusive public facing directory – def a HUGE benefit of membership!

Additionally, discounts are offered only to our members. And, we LOVE to promo our reVolutionary offerings in our Juicy emails, which reach an infinite number of your target customers.


Month-to-month memberships can be paused for a max of two months (and then are resumed). To pause your membership, email juicy@juicyrevolution.com.

To cancel your membership, follow the directions on your member profile inside The V. Right now, we offer month-to-month and yearly memberships.

Memberships can be canceled 48 hours prior to the next membership billing cycle.

Due to the benefits and discounted nature of yearly memberships, they cannot be paused or canceled. 

Thanks for asking; we love evolved men! Although our collective is only open to people who identify as female, there are def ways you can support!

– If you would like to sponsor a membership, we can accommodate! Sponsor someone you know, or we have a list of artists, BIPOC, sex workers and other broke ass bitches seeking sponsorship. Email juicy@juicyrevolution.com for deets.

– Support the reVolutionary owned businesses, products and services listed in our directory.

– Follow juicyreVolution on the socials! (Links on homepage)

– Spread the word about the juicy reVolution! Surely you know women looking for a dope AF community to join. 

Juicy hosts several reTreats a year, by invitation only.  Invites are first extended to reVolutionaries (members). Any remaining spots are then extended to guests of reVolutionaries. If attending a Juicy reTreat is on your FUCKyes List, the easiest way to receive an invite is by joining the collective. Sign up to receive Juicy email for more info.

To work with Juicy, please go to the collab page and complete the form.

To work with one of our Luminaries, go to the “Meet our Visionaries” page under membership and feel free to reach out to our subject matter experts directly!

We’re exxxcited too! And the answer is sooooooooon.