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what is the juicy reVolution?

The juicy reVolution is a global women’s empowerment movement and lifestyle brand.

Our mission is to joyfully inspire, uplift, and empower women to find and confidently amplify their voices. Collectively, we cultivate and flex our bigVenergy™!


  • Juicy Experiences: reTreats, events, collaborations, and partnerships
  • A women’s collective community called The V– a private, members-only  collective with unlimited opportunities to network, partner, create, and collab!
  • bigVenergymerch created by and for reVolutionary women

Expansive, juicy spaces where:

Where collectively, we encourage, uplift, and support each other to explore, learn and grow to next levels and beyond.

meet our founder, juicy

Hello, juicy friend!

I am truly thrilled you found us! Welcome to a space where you can safely explore, reimagine, and reclaim your life.
Our mission is to joyfully inspire, uplift, and empower women to find and confidently amplify their voices. The goal is to ignite you on a journey to become the love of your *own* delicious life, and to ultimately, pursue and devour the life you dream of living.
I know this may sound scary. Maybe even impossible.
I know because I’ve been there – the afraid woman who constantly second guesses and shrinks herself, self-censoring her voice, thoughts, and body. A woman who believed she was eternally damaged – broken and worthless.
A woman who remained in jobs where she was undervalued and underappreciated yet overworked. A wife and girlfriend who lingered in toxic relationships far too long, allowing men to determine her worth. An exhausted mother often buried in depression, expectations and unending responsibilities, leaving only scraps of time for her own well-being.
Until I had enough.
And now?
I’m an unapologetic badass who leads her life with full intention.
And I empower others to do the same – to live their juiciest lives. To find and trust their powerful, authentic voice. To uncover their fears with graceful vulnerability and then slay them like a motherfucking ninja.
A recovering “people pleaser”, I’ve learned to define my own rules and follow my own North Star, trusting my inner ‘hell yes’ and ‘hell no’ to lead the way.
I’m living proof that you can, indeed, grab the wheel of your own juicy life and drive wherever you want to go.
Let’s unleash your journey. Together.

The future is not female – the NOW is female.

Let’s launch a reVolution!
Your Partner in Possibilities,
Juicy ReVolution - Meet Juicy she/her


The V is our magical, expansive, and private members-only community. We are a global collective of women amplifying each other’s voices. We expand our power by promoting and supporting abundance for all.

Launched in early 2022 with 80 founding reVolutionaries, we open The V a couple of times a year to welcome new reVolutionaries into the community.

Dozens of Luminaries (content leaders) lead live classes, conversations, and workshops which are then recorded and uploaded to our Juicy Library (100’s of hours of expansive content!) We explore a broad range of topics to enliven, embolden and empower you to uncover and unapologetically unleash your bigVenergy™!

Pleasure & Play * Health & Healing * Witchy Shit * BOSS Power * Queer Babes Circle * AbunDance * Juicy Book Club * Titty Church * Vision Writing * and more!

As a collective, we cultivate community and connections through virtual weekly meetups at Magical Mondays and The Vibe. Once a month, we celebrate our bigVenergy™ at Club Swagger.

Launching a reVolution within YOU

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